LS1000A Totem Signage

  • 43''
  • 49''
  • 55''


  • LS1000A
  • Touch Screen
  • Full HD Image Quality
  • New Design
  • Security Design
  • Dust & Humidity Protection


  • Dual Core CPU
  • USB Smart Clone
  • Smart Split Screen
  • Time Switch& Volume Control
  • Android OS
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Built for 7/24 Use
  • Smart Content Management
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  • Specification
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Simple Design, Full HD Display.Easy operation, exquisite craft, multiple protection and safe.

Touch Screen

Capacitive touch technology makes the operation easier. Touch function is optional, touch screen products using Android5.0 operating system. The normal products using Android 4.4 operating system.

Full HD Image Quality

Full HD(1920*1080)resolution present natural scenery, let you experience immersive visual enjoyment.

New Design

Circular R arc design, edge is made of metal aluminum which is durable, safe and super quality.Square base, larger stress area, more stable placing.

Security Design

Anti-burglary function prevents machine or storage device from being stealing.

Dust & Humidity Protection

Circuit board reliability is enhanced with conformal coating that protects against dust, iron powder, humidity and other harsh conditions.

Dual Core CPU

Dual-core CPU, fast to process digital image information, strong reaction speed, clear pictures, support to display top 1080P video.

USB Smart Clone

Create a new folder named SProgram in the USB flash device, put the messaging (videos, pictures and so on) on the signage USB port, plug the USB flash device into the USB port on signage, the messaging will be copied automatically. Only takes 50s to copy a 400M file.

Smart Split Screen

Full-screen picture play, Two\ Three\ Four split-screen picture play, picture & Video mixed arrangement and other forms. One-key split Picture & Video. (The play content is copied to the local SProgram content.)

Time Switch& Volume Control

Easy to choose the "Week mode" or "Daily mode", set the switch on & off and the volume at any time from Monday to Sunday. You can easily control the signage device without watching it all day.

Android OS

Android OS support a plenty of Android apps for installing, high definition system integration leads to the function of high definition video processing. (Touch-screen signage matching Android 5.0,the other is Android4.4)

Built-in Wifi

Enjoy the versatility of expanded connectivity to mobile devices and surf the Internet.

Built for 7/24 Use

Strong durability support to present business messaging 24/7.

Smart Content Management

Changhong's SMART Signage system is an platform that provides a powerful digital signage solution, Thanks to “Contents Management System”, you can control the signage conveniently from the PC with built-in Wi-Fi, even when the displays are installed inthe distance and difficult-to-access locations. The system also enables professional management of multiple displays.( The content management is applicable to Movable Signage, Totem Signage, Wall-mount Signage and Elevator Advertising Player.)