P630 Series Flat-panel Display Montior

  • 27''


  • Changing for Comfort
  • Height-adjustable
  • Pivot 90 degrees clockwise
  • Front & Rear
  • Tilt 7degrees
  • 27" Big Screen
  • 2K Image Quality
  • 10 Bit/1.07G Colors


  • Super Slim and Narrow Design
  • Support VESA
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Enrich Interface
  • Function
  • Specification
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Changing for Comfort

P630 Series match specifical stand,increase Your Ergonomic Efficiency.


Height-adjustable, up and down 100mm

Pivot 90 degrees clockwise

Pivot 90 degrees clockwise

Front & Rear

Front & rear 30 degree swivel.

Tilt 7degrees

Tilt forward 7 degrees and tilt backward 17 degrees.

27" Big Screen

Wide viewing angle horizontally and vertically, experience the optimal screen from any position.

2K Image Quality

More clear with 2K resolution, the resolution is up to 2560*1440, the image picture is more dedicate for a finer viewing experience.

10 Bit/1.07G Colors

With brilliant picture quality of 1.07G color, the monitors has a high-precision color display and stunning bright colors.

Super Slim and Narrow Design

Ultra-narrow metal frame, only 6mm. Super slim design, only 7.76mm.

Support VESA

P630 Series support VESA,multi-choice just for you.

Wide Viewing Angle

178° wide, viewing angle from right and left, Class A LCD panel, LED backlight, HD image, Wider viewing angle.

Enrich Interface