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Smart Content Management

Changhong's SMART Signage system is an platform that provides a powerful digital signage solution, Thanks to “Contents Management System”, you can control the signage conveniently from the PC with built-in Wi-Fi, even when the displays are installed inthe distance and difficult-to-access locations. The system also enables professional management of multiple displays.( The content management is applicable to Movable Signage, Totem Signage, Wall-mount Signage and Elevator Advertising Player.)

Contents Sending

Full Screen Display:Supports horizontal and vertical display. Split Screen display:Screen can be Split into many small areas, and the size of these areas can be defined freely, the contents can be edited freely.

Edit Message

Message publish:Enter the text content. Position:Top/Middle /Bottom. Font Size:Can be adjusted freely.Color:Adjustable font color and fill.Timing:Set the message display time freely.

Contents Scheduling

Schedule specific content for a single screen or a larger campaign for multiple displays.(Daily Mode\Week Mode\Time Period Setting)

LProgram Smart Clone

In case of networking failure, the contents can be exported, extract the file from the export file and copy it into a folder named “LProgram” in a USB flash device. When you plug the flash dick on the USB port, the contents will be copied and displayed automatically.