HY1000 Interactive Whiteboard

  • 86''
  • 65''
  • 75''


  • HY1000
  • 4K Ultra High Definition Display
  • Gesture Control
  • Writen Document Storage
  • Mobile Terminal Transfer Screen
  • Optional Accessories
  • Movable Bracket
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Born for Meeting Rooms,which is bigger and easier.Intelligent Meeting System maximize work efficiency.

4K Ultra High Definition Display

With 4K UHD ultra-high definition display, the resolution is up to 3840*2160, which is 4 times that of FHD 1080P display. The color is more natural, the picture quality is clearer, and the detail display is more perfect.

Gesture Control

Gesture control:erasure、Zoom、Move the contents.Content display is more convenient,makes meeting more efficient.

Writen Document Storage

1.Keep the writing record in local storage. 2.Send the writing record by E-mails. 3.Share the record by scanning QR code.

Mobile Terminal Transfer Screen

Support Android & ios mobile phone, PAD multi-screen interaction, mirror screen to large screen conference machine.

Optional Accessories

1. Intelligent stylus :Sensitive infrared touch control brings smooth writing experience.Shortcut Control: changes the writing color, scroll page, Return Home page etc. 2.Wireless screen transmission: wireless screen transmission(optional), cast the PC screen to whiteboard easily.

Movable Bracket

Portable bracket with Universal wheel (optional), more convenient.