Changhong won the China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands

On 26th June, the world brandlaboratory released 2014 the 10th China’s 500 most valuable brands in Beijing.Changhong brand value has already reached 101.69 billion RMB (about 16.28billion dollars). Now Changhong has come into the Chinese brand hundred billioncamp. The world brand laboratory and its independent evaluation committee viewthat Changhong launched CHiQ television, refrigerator and air conditioner sincereleasing the smart strategy last October. And the new idea, “make yourimagination fly”, gives the brand more vitality.


   CHiQ TV has been completed thefull series product layout from 40-inch to 105-inch since it was released onJanuary 18th. Currently CHiQ TV sales have exceeded 150,000 units.

   CHiQ TV not only changed themorphology of smart TVs, but also completely subverted the traditional views ontelevision. It made a major change which is more important for entire system,from product definition, technology development, software upgrades, marketingand so on. The relationship between users and Changhong has also been changedfrom the original transaction into a continuous interaction and services.

   The new business model,“terminal + data + content + service”, is the secret hidden behind Changhonghome internet. With CHiQ series terminal products released to market, the valueof Changhong big data commercialization of the Internet, cloud computing,human-computer interaction, family information security will gradually breakout.