Changhong and SERAPHIC Launch Blink-based Cloud TV in Europe SERAPHIC’s Blink-based TV Browser Powers Changhong’s Cloud-delivered TV Portal

Berlin, Tuesday Sep 9th, 2014-Changhong, the world’s leading digital TV manufacturer, together with SERAPHICInformation Technology, a global software provider with its product portfolioincluding TV browser and multiscreen, jointly announce that all of theChanghong’s Connected TVs in Europe will be deployed with lightning Sraf? TVbrowser, provided by SERAPHIC, that supports not only web browsing but also thecloud-delivered TV Portal that contains numerous applications offered byNetrange. The products are showcased at Booth 173, Hall 25 from IFA2014 inBerlin, Germany.

Europe plays an important rolein Changhong’s global digital TV markets. For the sake of relatively highcognition and acceptance of high-quality digital TVs in Europe, Changhong hasbeen committed to making Connected TVs of outstanding quality and highperformance-price ratio. Accordingly, in order to fulfill the commitment above,Changhong has formed the close partnership with SERAPHIC, a companycharacterized by strong spirits of innovation and continuous focus on researchand development (“R&D”) of new technologies and additionally has leveragedits solid technical know-how, extensive global distribution networks andcompetitive BOM costs.

The SERAPHIC solutionsprovided to Changhong connected TV product portfolio includes an open internetbrowser application and a Sraf TV Browser. TV Apps for European market arecomplex in the sense of various underlying technical specifications such asHbbTV/OIPF, CE-HTML, HTML5 and some proprietary protocols, and furthermore endconsumers’ demands for abundant TV contents have been increasing, altogethermaking it a challenge to create and execute a TV Portal. As a global providerof the state-of-the-art browser technologies, SERAPHIC R&D has been alignedwith the latest development of the digital TV-related standards in Europe andother regions, and has ready-to-go smart TV software solutions for thosemarkets, effectively enabling manufacturers to accelerate the productdevelopment lifecycle of smart TVs and the internet-capable set-top boxes aswell as to raise the bar for their competitors.

“Europe is a market withpromising perspectives, but at the same time it is full of challenge, andprimarily there are two facts behind: 1) the digital TV-related standards andthe region-specific requirements vary between different European countries; 2)end consumers are expecting different types of contents. Yet the Sraf TVBrowser, provided by SERAPHIC, very effectively hide the technical complexityfor us so that we can focus on providing prominent display effects andadvantageous user experience. Thanks to the perfectly complementary strengthsfrom both parties, it becomes possible to build an excellent TV product withgreat customer satisfaction in a shorter timeframe. We firmly believe thatChanghong’s connected TVs will gain the strong competitiveness in Europe, LatinAmerica, CIS countries, the Middle East, etc.”, said the Spokesman ofChanghong.

SERAPHIC’s Sraf? TV Browser isa Blink-based, lightning fast and market-proven software solution whichsupports various TV standards including HbbTV, CE-HTML, YouTube TV v4, etc.,and it has been ported to various TV and set-top box (STB) SoCs includingMStar, Sigma Designs, Broadcom, Ali, Realtek, Hisilicon, etc. Based on Google’smost powerful browser engine Blink, SERAPHIC’s Sraf TV Browser has been quicklygaining momentum in the digital TV markets and will be soon widely deployedthroughout Europe including the countries such as Germany, France and Italy.

“Changhong is a respectableclient, who has been devoted to great product quality, continuous innovationsand end-consumer focus; its widely-acknowledged second screen solution - CHiQ -is a good proof for that.” said Ye Wang, VP of Global Product Management atSERAPHIC. “We are much delighted to provide Changhong with our Blink-basednew-generation TV Browser. With strong support to the mainstream TV-relatedstandards in Europe and North America as well as with incomparable renderingspeed and performance, Sraf TV Browser is able to exert its full strength topower the penetration of Changhong TV in the global markets. We do believe thatthe profound collaboration between two parties will bring the marvelous userexperience to end consumers and bring forth the better products to global TV markets.”

Blink is a web browserrendering engine developed as part of the Chromium project by Google. It hasbeen powering all browsers that use Chromium built from Google’s open sourcebrowser project. Blink has been forked from WebKit and has come with multi-processarchitecture and sandbox mechanism since April 2013.


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